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2005-12-28 - 23 Consoles, 334 BrokenGames, 1012 Bugs
Currently we are upgrading the whole brokengames backend to provide a more robust server sot aht no matter when you visit brokengames, it will be here for your viewing pleasure. Please excuse the few features that should be working, that aren't currently, such as the covers, the bug counts for each game, etc. Everything should be working normally soon. Keeps the bugs flowing!
Brian, www.brokengames.com

2004-04-19 - 23 Consoles, 326 BrokenGames, 1000 Bugs
Well over the weekend we have reached a new milestone here at brokengames.com by hitting the 1000 bugs mark in our archive. I have added about 250 bugs in the last few days so posting them all here would be ridiculous, but check out the list to see if your favorite game has new found glitches! In the coming weeks you can expect to see and not see some of the updates that will happen here. There will be a lot of work going on behind the scenes and also adding some new features and content so keep your eyes peeled for that! In the meantime, keep the bugs coming!
Brian, www.brokengames.com

2004-03-11 - 22 Consoles, 256 BrokenGames, 748 Bugs
I know, its been a few months since the last real update, but we now have nearly double the bugs that we had last update. Many new consoles and games have been added to the list as well.

We strive on making this a website for our users and are completely open to their suggestions. If you think there should be a feature added to the website, or if you think something should be different, e-mail us and we can see what we can do. Later on this week, I will be adding a voting system for some user suggested items and other interesting votes. Keep an eye out for that! Games are added every day so make sure to come back and check us out.

A little bit about our ads: Initially I didn't want to include any advertising on the site, but a lot goes into keeping up a website like this and I needed some help with that. I ended up deciding to put only a select few up. I would never place any kind of pop-ups on because I know how annoying those are. I selected what I thought would be enjoyable to the users and not too pushy. This last week, I placed a new banner ad on the front page of the website. It is for online surveys. The reason I placed this on on the site is because I have actually received money from them for taking short 5 minute surveys. They pay for EVERY completed survey, not enter you in a drawing for completing a survey! I have seen some video game surveys and some about movie trailers. Go register on their site and you can be getting deposits right into your PayPal account too! Please support our sponsors to help keep the site up and running!
Brian, www.brokengames.com

2003-11-11 - 179 BrokenGames, 456 Bugs
Bug confirmation is now active and working. When you see a bug that you know is true and correct, click the link to confirm it! This was a suggestion from a brokengames.com user, your suggestions matter so keep suggesting things.
Brian, www.brokengames.com

2003-02-02 - 165 BrokenGames, 392 Bugs
Lots in the work here at brokengames.com. The famous Zero Wing bug has been finally added. A new movie bugs section is under development. Also some prize giveaways are planned for the end of this month. Keep those bugs a comin' in, they may just win you some cool new games!
Brian, www.brokengames.com

2002-06-13 - 127 BrokenGames, 273 Bugs
Hi everyone! Just a brief update on the website. I know there haven't been any updates for a while, but we are still adding new games all the time. We are working on a better way to automate the site for the best user experience and to ease the workload on us here at brokengames.com. Your suggestions are welcome for ideas and features for the website. Expect some changes in the weeks to come. Keep the bugs coming in!
Brian, www.brokengames.com

2002-04-21 - 112 BrokenGames, 250 Bugs
Many new bug and games added to the list. Keep 'em coming!
Brian, www.brokengames.com

2002-03-01 - 95 BrokenGames, 213 Bugs
So many bugs this month! Here is the newest or updated games since Feb. 1st:
  • Blue Stinger - Dreamcast

  • Pokemon Blue Version - Gameboy
  • Pokemon Red Version - Gameboy
  • Harry Potter - Gameboy

  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 - Gamecube

  • Carmegeddon - PC
  • The sims - PC
  • Doom 95 - PC
  • Metal Gear Solid - PC

  • Grand Theft Auto 3 - playstation 2
  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 - Playstation 2
  • NCAA Football 2002 - Playstation 2
  • Gauntlet Dark Legacy - Playstation 2
  • WWF Smackdown 3 Just Bring It - Playstation 2
  • Jak and Daxter - Playstation 2

  • Driver - You are the Wheelman - Playstation
  • Resident Evil - Playstation
  • Monster Rancher 2 - Playstation
  • Metal Gear Solid - Playstation
  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 - Playstation
  • Digimon World 2 - Playstation
  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater - Playstation

  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater - N64
  • Guantlet Legends - N64
  • Super Smash Brothers Melee - N64
  • Mario Kart 64 - N64
  • Diddy Kong Racing - N64

  • Tecmo Super Bowl 3 - Super Nintendo
  • Street Fighter II Turbo - Super Nintendo
  • It has happened... brokengames.com has a bug! A visitor metioned to me that the confirm-a-bug feature was not working correctly. Until further notice this feature has been removed. Look for it back on the site, and working, very soon!

    Added to the site is the new brokengames.com store. For now it is only what we have listed on eBay, but look for games, hardware, and game guides to be added!
    Brian, www.brokengames.com

    2002-02-01 - 74 BrokenGames, 164 Bugs
    Welcome to the new brokengames.com! We are excited to present to you the new look and feel of brokengames.com! New features include:

  • No more banner advertisements!!!
  • Ability to confirm submitted bugs
  • Easier and faster navigation
  • Bugs and games list is now dynamic, and always up-to-date
  • Pictures and movies are now available for some bugs

  • You can now also expect monthly e-mailings and weekly updates! If you have any suggestions or comments about the site, please feel free to contact us at webmaster@brokengames.com

    Brian, www.brokengames.com

    2001-12-01 - 66 BrokenGames, 143 Bugs
    Whew, long time no message posting. The BrokenGames.com team has been working hard to bring you a new and improved brokengames.com! You can expect an extensive database, with screenshots, game information, game history in our next release. Note that you can still mail us with your BrokenGame information during our extensive remodeling by clicking here So just sit back and relax, and check back often. It's going to be a long night...
    Brian, www.brokengames.com

    2001-05-25 - 52 BrokenGames, 94 Bugs
    Surprise! Surprise! Time for a new look! I had some time, so I did a little remodeling. Hope it looks better now. Send me and email and let me know! Also just the BrokenGames Yahoo Club just opened, Join today!
    Brian, www.brokengames.com

    2001-05-21 - 51 BrokenGames, 92 Bugs
    Welcome! So many bugs, so little time. Couple new games, lots of new bugs - Keep 'em coming!
    Brian, www.brokengames.com

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