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Name Description
Gamepro MagazineFor the best in game tips, reviews and more!
Gameshark.comFor great cheats and code for the notorious Gameshark!
gameguru.box.skFull database of different cheat codes for many consoles
GameFAQs.comGreat resource for game info, walkthroughs, cheats, and more
Nintendo-LibrarySite dedicated to everything Nintendo! Typed instructions for some games available!
HappyPuppyGo here for cheats, demo's and reviews
VideoGames.comGreat game descriptions and reference place!
EasyBuy2000.comPlace to get great prices on video gaming stuff and mp3 players
Llamas on FireBest Counterstrike server on the net!
The Game Trading ZoneThe Game Trading Zone is a free service that enables computer and video game owners to trade games they don't play anymore for ones they want. Also for music and books!
-ASSEMbler-Console hacks and special projects and information.
Game RevolutionReviews, cheats, downloads and more!
P°NGThe worlds biggest (as far as I know) ONLINE DATABASE for videogames of all kinds
PelikonepeijoonitThe artic computer and console museum
Video Game NewsReviews, previews and forums
Roar - The video Game MuseumGreat place! Even has covers scanned in for most video games!
vidgame0.tripod.comVery interesting site. covers what seems to be most every console made to date!

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